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Twin Acres was created out of a strong passion for horses, teaching, and building lasting relationships between riders, coaches, and their mounts!

At Twin Acres, we strive for a fun but structured learning environment where each rider can grow and build their skills. We offer lessons and training to all levels of riders, from your first timers to seasoned A-Rated competitors. 

Since our business began in the summer of 2019, we’ve had the opportunity to help countless riders acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques, and confidently move forward in their riding journey whether it be for fun, pleasure, or competition.

“I’ve been riding with Annie since 2020, and although I still have room to grow, she has me taught me to be a very skilled rider. Ever since I joined the Twin Acres family I have grown so much as a rider all thanks to Annie and her support through training. She makes each lesson uniquely different and always provides a challenging exercise to do, whether it’s flat or jumping. Annie has always proven to be continuously committed to her clients and her horses.”


“Annie is a dedicated trainer who is very experienced at shows and really knows the ropes of the industry. She’s patient and knowledgeable and will make sure her students always have a positive experience. Those who get to ride under her instruction are truly fortunate!”


“Annie is great with riders of all ages and abilities! She’s the one to go to because she genuinely cares! Excellent trainer and wonderful person!”


Professional Equestrian Services

We are so grateful for all our amazing clients and horses who touch our lives every day! You are what makes this business so successful and rewarding!

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